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Better Bought: Grandma's Traditional Fruitcake

"A delicious, dense and butter fruitcake we don't have to make? It's a Christmas miracle, thanks to Cynthia Baumgardt of Grandma's Traditional Fruitcakes in Red Deer, Alberta. Unlike other store bought doorstoppers, Baumgardt's nut-free cakes (available in light and dark) are hand made with top-quality ingredients, following family recipes that have been passed down for generations."

--Featured in Chatelaine Magazine - Dec/07

Grandma's Traditional Fruitcakes, located in Red Deer Alberta, was founded in 1989 by Kathy Hanson and Cynthia Baumgardt (or as she is known by "Syd"). We felt the cakes were good enough to share and started out by selling 200 of them the first year. Kathy has since moved on from the business and Syd has continued, tweaking the four generation old family recipes, to make an even better fruitcake. Now in our 25th season, the word has spread and this year we have baked 8 tons of fruitcakes.

What makes our fruitcakes the best you have ever tasted is the quality of the ingredients. We use only real butter, fresh eggs and pure vanilla extract. Our nut free fruitcake can be enjoyed by everybody. We guarantee your total satisfaction. The cakes should be kept refrigerated or may be frozen to last until spring.